Humble My Heart

Father God, I come to you a servant saved by grace, covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank you Father, for allowing the sun to shed on me this day, Thank you for allowing me to open my eyes and place my feet on the ground. Thank you for allowing me the health and sound mind to have communion with you.

Humble me this day. Humble my heart Father. I repent this day my sins. I’ve sinned against You Father, and Your throne. I deny myself and carry my own cross. I bring my life to you Father, as a living sacrifice.

Psalm 119:18
Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

Please do Your will in me always. When I stumble don’t let me go astray. Convict me Father. Shed light on the impurities of my heart Father. If my motives prove nothing less than absolute love for you and all you’ve done for me, correct me.

I seek you my God, In all circumstance. You who created the heavens and the Earth. I seek Your guidance.

Your people are lost my God, we need you now more than ever. The cup of violence is overflowing. Please help us. Allow us the ability to see the power of the cross this day.


Published by Michael_72589

Life will pass you by if you blink too long! Live this life with the purpose you were given. Don't know it? Let's find it together!

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