NOW WHAT? Day 7 of 7


Today’s Bible reading:
John 19, 20, 21

How to know the will of God-that’s a big enough subject to write a book in itself. And it’s important. After all, if Christ is now your Master and you want to obey Him, you must know what He wants you to do.


It’s obvious the Bible doesn’t cover every detail of modern-day living. But of one thing you can be sure: the Bible contains principles that cover every situation. Below are some pointers that you will find helpful. As you read the Bible, you’ll find other principles.

Avoid Legalism
Acts of sin must never be condoned: however, in matters about which the Bible is silent, God deals with people as individuals. Don’t expect everyone to fit into your mold of what rules or laws you think a Christian should obey (see Matthew 22:34-40).

Consider Others
Some things which you find acceptable might cause another Christian to fail. The apostle Paul once said that if acting a certain way would cause another Christian to stumble, he’d be willing to never do it again, even though he saw no wrong in it himself (see Romans 14).

Glorify God
You are now Jesus’ representative in the world. Live to bring glory to God.
There are many principles, of course, but the most important is to be guided by your love for Jesus. Ask yourself, “Will this be pleasing to the Lord?” If you make that the ruling question in your decisions, you won’t go far in the wrong direction.


Sometimes we must choose a course of action among several options-all of which are pleasing to God. How can you decide which is best?

Be Patient
A Bible verse states, “He that believeth shall not make haste.” Learn to wait on God until he indicates His will to you. Time has a way of working things out. Don’t be rash.

Seek the advice of others
Don’t be a “loner.” Let your pastor or some other mature Christian be your confidant. Be sure it is someone who will keep your confidence. Someone who is not involved in the problem can see various angles of the problem more clearly than you can.

Commit the matter to the Lord
A famous Christian, George Muller, used this method. He would list the reason for and against a certain course of action and prayerfully consider the matter for a time. Then he would decide to move in a certain direction. He would remove from his mind as much as of his own desires as possible, then ask the Lord to block his path if it were not God’s will. Over a period of 50 years, he found this approach successful.


Getting along with others is one of the most important aspects of Christian living. If you haven’t learned this yet, you will soon discover that Christians are not perfect. As in your case, God is trying to develop their character, to make them like Jesus.
Some people you will like instinctively: others will not be particularly attractive to you. Just remember this: there are traits in you also which may not be especially attractive to some.
The most important gift you can ask from God is the gift of love-for God and for others. Love includes all the other traits God wants to develop on you. Love will keep you walking close to the Lord. Love makes you considerate of others. Love causes you to witness to others about the love of Jesus Christ. God can even give you a love for those who seem impossible to love.

Bible Study for today
John 19:7, 8
Why was Pilate afraid?

What phrase repeated in John 19:24, 28, and 36, shows that Jesus’ death was planned?

John 20:7
What item did Peter notice particularly in the tomb?

John 20:31
Why was the gospel of John written?

John 21:15
What important question did Jesus ask Peter?

John 21:22
How did Jesus answer Peter’s curiosity?

Good verses to memorize
John 20:21, 20:31

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